Right person, right message, right time, right delivery method

The publishing platform for the Internet of Everything, RedMobi provides tools for engagement that allow the easy creation of analytics-driven content that can be personalised and distributed in real time.

The RedMobi platform is possibly the simplest and most powerful available for managing apps, IoT sensor networks, customer engagement and business intelligence. It delivers personalisation and proximity with analytics driven content, deliverable to every conceivable type of screen from watches and smartphones to computers and digital signage.

From customer engagement in retail or hospitality through to managing warehouse or internal staff, engage with key people in your business in ways never before possible. Whether sending a personalised message and discount voucher to a returning customer or automatically sending the next job to a field worker via wearable tech, our platform has been built to deliver a digital experience directly to them while helping to transform and streamline your business.

Track your customers or staff in real time on a heat map and use the analytics to trigger any automated event such as dynamically directing them to the shortest checkout queue, or an alert to inform you about staff movement or meeting room availability. Our platform can build a level of awareness that drives real benefit.

Real Time Synchronisation
Changes made on the RedMobi dashboard appear in the app and are pushed to connected devices in real time. It also facilitates the personalisation of messages based on location, via fully native mobile apps.

Offline : Online
RedMobi keeps everything synched up, even if you go offline. No data is lost, and the user still experiences unique engagement, even if your location has poor Wi-Fi or cellular coverage.

Connect Everything
Our system architecture is built to scale. By creating an abstraction layer from individual devices like beacons, we can connect to emerging technologies including near field communication (NFC) with ease, while also integrating into your infrastructure.

Deep Insights
Real-time analytics provide real-time insights. When coupled with synchronisation, this lets us create apps that are smart enough to respond in real time to a customer’s needs.