Fully managed WiFi Solutions and data analytics

Simple and powerful, our platform provides interactive mobile applications and
IoT solutions, enabling you to merge your physical and digital worlds and create a
seamless user experience. Harness the power of proximity, analyse your data, utilise
secure Wi-Fi and manage and monitor it all via a single, easy to use dashboard.



Connect your customers and staff with secure, scalable Wi-Fi that’s fully managed and maintained, and can seamlessly incorporate into your existing infrastructure.


Enhance and personalise your customer and staff experience with fully-managed proximity and location-based solutions.



Utilise data from your customers and staff to gain a previously unobtainable level of understanding into your business to drive future strategy.

About RedMobi

RedMobi is the next generation in proximity-based, personalised engagement. We will work with you to define your digital strategy, delivering an unrivalled level of business intelligence and a smart end user experience.

We provide all the technology and solutions needed to not only offer personalised digital interactions in a physical world, but also to analyse their effectiveness. These include everything from enterprise grade Wi-Fi, mobile app creation and dynamic digital signage to staff and customer proximity engagement. RedMobi offers a simple-to-use, real-time dashboard to create, distribute and analyse content.

With a subscription-based model and offering software-as-a-service, we provide on-demand access anywhere, with any device for any user.

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