Artificial Intelligence: how is technology helping to counteract Covid-19

Artificial Intelligence is helping in different sectors around the world, but how is COVID-19 speeding up the use of robots to replace human workers? And how are companies around the world using it?

The new rules laid down by the government to decrease the spread of Coronavirus include social distancing and sanitising of hands and surfaces. Consequently, companies that make cleaning and sanitising products have seen demand soar. The Danish manufacturer of ultraviolet-light-disinfection robots replied to this high request with UVD Robots , a machine which is used as part of the regular cleaning cycle, and aims at preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases , viral, bacteria, and other types of harmful organic microorganisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA-structure. These robots have been shipped to hospitals in China and Europe and many groceries and restaurants offering takeaway services start using these machines more too.

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence can help with social distancing . An example is the food service, where the use of robots is likely to increase because of health concerns. Martin Ford, a futurist who has written about the ways robots will be integrated into the economy in the coming decades, explains that people will prefer to go to a place that has more machines than human workers because they feel they are less exposed to the risk.

A lot of companies around the world are already using artificial intelligence, and many are planning to implement it soon. Some examples are:
- Walmart , America’s biggest retailer, is using robots to scrub floor.
- South Korea , robots have been used to measure temperatures and distribute hand sanitiser.
- McDonald’s has been testing robots as cooks’ servers.
- Amazon , in the warehouse, many robots were already used to improve efficiency.
- Facebook and Google are relying on AI to remove more inappropriate posts since the companies' human content moderators can't review certain things from home.

Robot sceptics claim that human contact cannot be replaced by machines, but this may change as coronavirus and lockdown have made people more comfortable with the idea of connecting remotely.

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