Juniper won’t stop: new products and services to improve Artificial Intelligence

In our previous blogs, we explained how Mist Artificial Intelligence is different if compared with the other solutions in this market and how AI is helping in the fight against coronavirus.

Thanks to the strong request of the latest months and to the numerous benefits that AI is bringing in multiple sectors, Juniper announced its intentions to spread the gospel of artificial intelligence across enterprise networking in the coming months with new products and services . The expected moves are a continuation of a strategy that has been an integral part of Juniper since the company bought wireless and artificial-intelligence software maker Mist in 2019.

Nowadays, Mist’s cloud-based Wi-Fi Assurance system includes “Marvis”, an AI-base engine that features dynamic packet capture and machine learning to automatically identify, adapt to, and fix network issues. However, Rami Rahim, CEO of Juniper said: “I think we are just scratching the surface of what we can do with real AI. As we continue to amass ever-larger volumes of data – wireless and wired – it will lead to the development of autonomous network actions we can take without human intervention in the cloud or at the edge.”

So, what are the next steps for Mist?
• In February, Juniper said it would integrate its Security Intelligence (SecIntel) security package to the Mist platform for wireless access. SecIntel includes threat detection software, local and cloud-based security-information, and control software with a next-generation firewall system.
• Another future area of Mist AI integration will include Juniper’s SD-WAN technology , which Rahim announced to be a work in progress.

Nowadays, multiple companies have benefited from Mist AI: from the retailer Gap , which saw a 97% improvement in point-of-sales system errors across its 1,500 stores, to Dartmouth College , which reported solving 75% of its helpdesk tickets with no human intervention . Are you ready to be the next one? Here at RedMobi, we can help you to easily implement Mist AI in your business, contact us today to get more information.