Museum’s tours without fear? It is now possible with Artificial Intelligence and Thermal Cameras!

The current situation had a huge impact in the tourism sector, especially for museums and art galleries which will stay closed till 4th July. Moreover, these companies will now have to face a new important challenge: provide visitors with a safe and free-risk experience, respect government rules, and to convince people that museums are COVID-free places.

The first step is to provide visitors with hand sanitizer, masks, and to respect social distancing. But how can you be sure that visitors are not sick? And how can you count how many people are inside your museums to keep social distancing?

RedMobi, thanks to its partners can provide you with two fundamental tools: Fever Screening Thermal Cameras and Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras + EVERYANGLE. The first cameras are efficient devices, which can count 60 people per minute and are accurate to +/- 0.3 degrees. Thermal Cameras will allow you to quickly check if visitors have a fever, which is one of the first symptoms of COVID-19. Moreover, these cameras are easy to use, manage, deploy, and safe they do not require any contact with the individual. On the other hand, Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras + EVERYANGLE are people counting solutions to enable social distancing, they are simple, non-intrusive, and quick to implement. These cameras report always exactly how many individuals are inside the premises and according to the established limits, informs employees/customers/contractors outside when they can enter. Helping to improve footfall, this solution will empower businesses to manage COVID-19 customers and staff anxiety.

Finally, to implement Artificial Intelligence in your museum could help you to create a more engaging place while keeping visitors safe. An example of AI for engaging reason is about Google’s Arts & Culture app which launched its portrait lookalike update Art Selfie in the U.S. Users of the app were asked to take a selfie and, with the help of facial recognition, the app could then search thousands of artworks to find the closest matching subject. However, this technology can be even more helpful within museum operations. Websites, chatbots, and analytics tools are just a few of the systems that rely on AI to make decisions and improve museums for both visitors and staff. Moreover, AI nowadays is helping to fight coronavirus in many sectors and it can also help you to keep your museum Covid-Free. In fact, it helps to keep social distancing, to disinfect surfaces, or to welcome new visitors.

RedMobi can help to implement all these solutions in your company, contact us today and enjoy a free consultation from our experts!