The best receipt for a perfect Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine? Mist!

After years of studies and research, and while other vendors were trying to create AI on top of legacy platforms, Mist built an AI engine right into the platform.

Here the key components for an unbeatable AI technology, which can help you save time, money and ensure the best wireless experiences:
Data: Mist collects over 150 pre – and post – connection states in near real-time from every wireless device. This creates a robust data set that characterises network, client and application behaviour.
Domain expertise: Mist applies wired and wireless expertise to the data using domain specific classifiers. These are used to set, monitor, and enforce service levels that measure the Wi-Fi experience.
Data science toolbox: Mist uses various data science techniques to analyse data and provide actionable insight, such as root cause identification, trending analysis, and location.
Virtual assistant: Marvis, the virtual network assistant, uses natural language to help you troubleshoot and extract insights from the network while applying data science and AI to analyse and correlate data.

We still haven’t convinced you? If so, contact us and we will provide you with a free demo or register yourself using the link below to test for yourself the incredible world of Mist branded Artificial Intelligence.